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Good for people,
good for nature.

The new Dual Fluid technology provides emission-free energy at lowest cost. Nuclear waste can deliver power for generations to come.






Dual Fluid Technologie Kreis grün
Dual Fluid Technologie Kreis grün
Dual Fluid Technologie Kreis grün
Dual Fluid Technologie: Reaktor Abbildung

Radically different

Unique to its core,
intelligently protected

In place of fuel rods, a Dual Fluid reactor contains two fluids: one carries the fuel and the other extracts the heat. This technical design makes it the most efficient source of energy man has ever invented.

A Dual Fluid power plant regulates itself and is protected by the laws of nature. It is “walk-away-safe” because there is no risk from an accidental or deliberate operating error.

“It's time to follow the science and embrace nuclear as an invaluable technology.”

Zion Lights


Why Dual Fluid?

Energy defines the future

Demand for power is increasing around the world, because wherever you are, electricity is the key to a good life – whether it is for medical technology, the internet or electromobility. With a clean and strong energy source, the future is in our hands, yet we can return precious space to nature.

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