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Powerful and protected by nature

Our development is fundamentally different to everything we have ever known as nuclear power. That is why we have patented it. We are creating fifth generation nuclear: intelligent, highly efficient and safe.

Two Fluids

A new dimension in performance

Instead of fuel rods, Dual Fluid uses two circulating fluids: One contains the fuel and the other extracts the heat. The nuclear fuel can unleash its entire potential at 1000° Celsius. This offers an entirely new dimension in terms of performance and efficiency.

Nuclear power today utilizes fuel rods which are a construct from the early days of nuclear technology. With fuel rods, only a very small proportion of the uranium is utilized, leaving the vast majority of it to be disposed of as waste. Existing fluid nuclear concepts utilize the fuel better, though because the same fluid is used to simultaneously transport the fuel and extract the heat, these concepts are limited in their performance.

Dual Fluid Technology: Two Fluids - Graphic - A new dimension in performance

“Turning nuclear waste into power is possible. Our new recycling concept will be a breakthrough”.

Stephan Gottlieb

COO, Dual Fluid

Dual Fluid Technology: Protection and Security/Safety - Graphic - Systematic self-regulating

Protection and Safety

Systematic self-regulating

Because basic laws of nature are designed into its core, a Dual Fluid power plant is always safe and protected.

The plant regulates itself completely: if the temperature increases, the nuclear fuel expands. As a result, the atomic reactivity automatically subsides and the temperature drops entirely on its own. The reactor can therefore never overheat – just like a glass of water on a table cannot spontaneously start to boil.

Melting fuse plugs in the ducts provide additional protection: if the expected temperature is exceeded, they melt. Then the fuel flows down into special containers and the chain reaction stops immediately.

Goal in sight

Our route to zero emission energy

This is where we are: many theoretical preliminary studies have proven that our idea is achievable. Our first practical step is to commence component testing. If everything goes to plan, we will have produced a prototype within this decade.

Once Dual Fluid power plants are in serial production, we could decarbonize the elctric grid of an industrial country within a decade.


Component Testing


Test Reactor




Prototype and Pre-Serial Production


Serial Production

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