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About us

Let’s end the fossil age!

People living in countries with high energy consumption are more educated, perform less manual work and live longer. We believe that development and prosperity are possible everywhere – when we provide reliable energy that leaves a planet worth living on.

We are Dual Fluid

We haven’t stopped thinking since we first had the idea of a Dual Fluid reactor. We calculated. Debated. Had headaches and went grey in the process all while many amazing minds supported us. Today we are creating a high-tech company that will redefine nuclear – so that future generations can live with nature intact and enjoy all the amenities of a modern life.

Dual Fluid Team - Dr. Armin Huke - Portrait

Dr. Armin Huke

President, Director

Doctorate in Nuclear Physics from TU Berlin. Since 2009 Managing Director of the Institute for Solid-State Nuclear Physics, Berlin. Main inventor.

Dual Fluid Advisory Board - Peter Kürpick Ph.D. - Portrait

Dr. Peter Kürpick

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ph.D. in Theoretical Atomic Physics. Post-doctorate research at Kansas State University and University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Currently Senior Vice President at EPAM Systems, Berlin.

Dual Fluid Team - Dr. Götz Ruprecht - Portrait

Dr. Götz Ruprecht

Director, Chief Executive Officer

Doctorate in Nuclear Physics from TU Berlin. Research Associate at the TRIUMF National Laboratory, Canada. Leadership of international research projects. Inventor.

Dual Fluid Team - Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Weißbach - Portrait

Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Weißbach

Chief Technical Officer

Graduate in Atomic Physics from TU Berlin. Research in nuclear physics and technology, studying for doctorate at Szczecin University and Institute for Solid-State Nuclear Physics Berlin. Inventor.

Dual Fluid Team - Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Gottlieb - Portrait

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Gottlieb

Chief Engineer

Engineering graduate. Senior technical officer at the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Fachhochschule Dortmund. Inventor and developer, owner of numerous patents. Inventor.

Michael Ebertz

Nuclear Engineer

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen. Specializing in Energy and Chemical Engineering with a background in Nuclear Safety.

Dual Fluid Team - M.Sc. Dominik Böhm - Portrait

M.Sc. Dominik Böhm

Technology Officer

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from TU Dortmund. Staff member at Institute for Solid-State Nuclear Physics Berlin specializing in nuclear partitioning.

Dual Fluid Team - Claire Schaffnit Chatterjee - Portrait

Dr. Claire Schaffnit Chatterjee

Head of Operations

PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. Experienced in management consulting, risk management, Africa, economic/trend research, scenario-planning.

Dual Fluid Team - Prof. Konrad Czerski - Portrait

Prof. Konrad Czerski

Senior Research Officer

Chair of Nuclear and Medical Physics at Szczecin University, Poland. Lecturer at TU Berlin. Inventor.

Dual Fluid Team - Prof. Ahmed Hussein - Portrait

Prof. Ahmed Hussein

Director, Chief Research Officer

Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Northern British Columbia. Leading research into Nuclear and Particle Physics at TRIUMF National Lab, Canada, and at Los Alamos National Lab, USA. Inventor.

Dual Fluid Team - Lisa Raß - Portrait

Lisa Raß

Head of Communications

Graduated in Literature and Linguistics, worked in journalism and PR. Former nuclear power opponent, today supporting eco-modernity and nuclear humanism.

Dual Fluid Team - Jan Philipp Dabruck - Portrait

Dr. rer. nat. Jan Philipp Dabruck

Project Manager

PhD in particle & nuclear physics at RWTH Aachen. Engineering consultant in nuclear technology and radiation protection. Since 2022 project manager at Dual Fluid.

Dual Fluid Team

Dr. Emanuel Gimenez

Nuclear Engineer

+10 years dedicated to the design and analysis of small and medium nuclear reactors. Specialized in nuclear thermal hydraulics and energy conversion systems.

Dual Fluid Team - Nico Bernt - Portrait

Nico Bernt

Science Communication Manager

Reactor-, Neutron- and Radiation Physicist. Physics studies at TU Berlin (B.Sc.), Medical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. FH), Beuth-Hochschule Berlin

Dual Fluid Team

Bora Otluoğlu


Dual Fluid Team

Umut Mutlu


Advisory Board

Dual Fluid - Dr. Kai Rose - Portrait

Dr. Kai Rose

President of the Advisory Board

Ph.D. in Surface Physics. Post-doctorate research at Harvard University. Currently Manager in Automotive Industry in the context of innovations. Several patents.

Dual Fluid - Frank Klose - Portrait

Prof. Frank Klose


Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology; Research Leader and Program Manager at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Dual Fluid - Klaus Krone - Portrait

Klaus Krone


Communications engineer, entrepreneur, investor, business angel, focussing on marketing and sales.

Dual Fluid Team - Dr. Dieter Hennig - Portrait

Dr. Dieter Hennig


Lecturer in Reactor Physics at TU Dresden. Scientific researcher at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland and others. Specialism: Stability analysis of non-linear nuclear systems.

Dual Fluid Advisory Board - Manfred Haferburg - Portrait

Manfred Haferburg


Nuclear Engineer. Independent consultant in operation, safety performance and organisational effectiveness of nuclear power plants.

Dual Fluid Advisory Board - Paola Eckert-Palvarini - Portrait

Paola Eckert-Palvarini


Master in Radiation Physics. Founder of several non-profit organizations for experimental learning in the natural and life sciences.

Dual Fluid Advisory Board - Dr. Atef Elkadime - Portrait

Dr. Atef Elkadime


Ph.D. in Radiation Chemistry. Administrative Director of SESAME Synchrotron, Jordan. Former Chairman of the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.

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