Nuclear Power for the Future

The Dual Fluid Reactor (DFR) is a novel concept for a nuclear reactor: the first one to be patented for several decades!

Schematics of the reactor core.

Research into new types of nuclear plant may seem strange to many. The only thing the DFR has in common with traditional reactors is its generation of energy through fission of heavy metal nuclei, though. Everything else is a completely new development.

Light water reactors, which are installed at most nuclear plants worldwide, are a product of military research: Originally, it was meant to power submarines. As an electricity source for cities and industry, it does an average job at best. In order to compete with oil, gas and coal, nuclear energy must break free of its “olive-green” roots — this is the aim of our project!

Find out in the subsections how the DFR is set up, how to build a DFR power plant and what it can do about the hotly discussed nuclear waste problem!

The DFR is not the only proposed next-generation nuclear reactor. Comparison of key technical parameters shows, though, that it is the most promising concept. Materials suited to the extreme conditions in its interior have already been developed. If you prefer to watch a video, be our guest.