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Abundant energy is within reach

Our technology can fundamentally improve the lives of people all over the world, making fossil fuels history. Our arguments:


Simple and patented technology

The simple design is a breakthrough, harnessing for the first time in the nuclear sector the emergence of a new class of materials and recent advancements in process engineering. Designed to exploit the full potential of nuclear fuels, a Dual Fluid power plant delivers many times more energy than other technologies.


Wind / Solar (<10)




Light water reactor / 4th Gen. designs


Dual Fluid (800+)

Energy Return (EROI) of Dual Fluid vs other sources. (EROI = E out / E in)

Low cost

The next energetic era

The efficient technical design can provide energy in abundance. Falling energy costs create a positive cycle of innovation, prosperity and sustainable growth.

Levelized cost of energy (LCOE), US¢/kWh


Nuclear waste is recyclable material

Any fissile material becomes fuel: natural uranium, thorium or processed nuclear waste. Within a few hundred years, the residual materials become less toxic than natural uranium.

Dual Fluid Opportunities: Sustainable - Graphic - Nuclear waste is recyclable material

“Dual Fluid will provide low-emission energy in abundance. This can help create more humane, modern and prosperous societies".

Armin Huke

President/Chairman of the Board, Dual Fluid

Serving heat markets

Complete decarbonization is possible

The high operating temperatures of 1000°C (today’s reactors: 340°C) are ideal for producing hydrogen, synthetic fuels or district heating in addition to electricity. This frees not only the electricity sector, but all areas of life from emissions.

Any size

Flexible output

The reactor adjusts to rapid changes in power demand from zero to maximum power output within minutes. The Dual Fluid operating principle can be realized in various dimensions from 300 MWel to 1500 MWel or larger.

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