Sustainable energy is achievable

Our technology can supply people all round the world with reliable and affordable energy. Fossil fuels could soon be history. Our arguments:


Low emission from the outset

Energy from Dual Fluid technology is virtually free of emissions. Constructing a Dual Fluid power plant produces comparatively few emissions because of its small size and the limited materials required. Once operational, CO₂ emissions fall to almost zero. Over its lifetime, a Dual Fluid power plant is simply the most environmentally friendly source of energy – even better than renewables.


Dual Fluid










Dual Fluid Opportunities: Clean - Graphic - Low emission from the outset

CO₂ emissions measured in gCO₂eq/kWh

Source other than Dual Fluid: IPCC Report 2014, Annex III


Nuclear waste is recyclable material

As a fast reactor, a Dual Fluid reactor can utilize any fissile material: natural uranium, thorium or processed nuclear waste. After just a few hundred years, the residual materials become less toxic than natural uranium. The waste we already have could supply industrialized countries with power for several centuries.

Dual Fluid Opportunities: Sustainable - Graphic - Nuclear waste is recyclable material

"Next generation reactors will supply hydrogen and desalinated sea water in addition to electricity. Our future is nuclear."

Eric G. Meyer

Generation Atomic


Maximum power, minimum space

Dual Fluid can exploit the potential of nuclear fuel better than any other conventional nuclear technology design. Consequently, we can generate a lot of energy in a small space: we are ten times more efficient than current nuclear power plants, and 200 times better than wind power.

Dual Fluid Opportunities: Powerful - Graphic -Maximum power, minimum space


Performance without network expansion

A single Dual Fluid reactor can supply an industrial area or a town with both power and even fuels, without having to build new power lines. Numerous standardized units can be combined to make a major power plant. Once serial production has started, we can supply energy swiftly to numerous locations.


Energy for all

The efficient technical design means Dual Fluid energy will be so affordable and competitive it will displace coal, oil and gas from the market. For the very first time, even emerging markets could have a clean, cheap and reliable alternative to fossil fuels. This makes sustainable development truly possible.

How it all works:

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