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Leader of German conservatives Merz open for new nuclear technologies

By 14. February 2022April 5th, 2022No Comments

Friedrich Merz, the new leader of the German conservatives, announces open discussions “without prejudice” about possible new uses of nuclear energy. In that context, he highlights the German-Canadian nuclear technology company Dual Fluid.

The CDU soon wants to “deal in great detail with all questions of the energy industry and energy production,” Merz said last week at a meeting of CDU and CSU parliamentary group leaders. “That concerns gas-fired power plants, but that also concerns fusion energy, that also concerns the latest forms of energy generation from nuclear fission.”

The question, he said, is how to supply companies and private households “securely, cheaply and reliably with energy, especially electricity, in the long term,” given the need for decarbonization. He added that the CDU would look into these issues in greater depth.

Merz referred to new technological developments such as nuclear fusion and the Dual Fluid Reactor. There, “for example, spent fuel rods could be reused and their half-life significantly reduced.”

CEO Götz Ruprecht welcomes Merz’s initiative: “If we want clean and affordable energy, we need rational decisions and open discussion. Our technology is low in emissions and so efficient that it can cut electricity costs by half compared to fossil and renewable energies. We can be an important part of the future energy mix.”

Press contact: Lisa Raß
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About Dual Fluid

Dual Fluid is creating an entirely new type of nuclear reactor that

  • provides emission-free electricity and hydrogen,
  • significantly reduces today’s energy costs,
  • burns nuclear waste, and is inherently safe.

Dual Fluid differs from other new nuclear concepts by its high efficiency: the nuclear fuel is utilized up to a hundred times better than in today’s light water reactors. The operating temperature of 1000° C enables new heat applications.

The Dual Fluid operating principle, based on different fluids for fuel and cooling, is described in scientific publications. There is worldwide patent protection, including in the USA, Canada, the EU and Japan. Dual Fluid Energy Inc. was incorporated as a public company in Vancouver, Canada, in January 2021 to bring the Dual Fluid technology to serial production status. The prototype of a Dual Fluid reactor is to be launched within this decade.