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Power: Oil in the 21st century

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“Electricity is the ultimate poverty killer. No matter where you look in the world, as electricity has increased, so have personal incomes.”

Robert Bryce

In: A question of Power

Ethical, visionary, with potential

Global demand for energy will increase rapidly in the coming decades: emerging markets want to supply their expanding industries. In rich countries, the number of data centers and electrical vehicles are increasing. Even in the poorest regions of the world, more and more people are being connected to basic electricity supply – and consequently their opportunity to escape abject poverty.

At the same time, people everywhere are becoming much more aware of the urgency of slashing emissions. This is why the energy market is in upheaval: reliable, sustainable and scalable solutions are in demand. Dual Fluid meets these demands. We are offering an ethical and visionary technology with great potential.

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The Dual Fluid Team