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Dual Fluid starts laboratory operation in Berlin-Wedding

By 30. June 2023July 7th, 2023No Comments

The Canadian-German nuclear technology company Dial Fluid has opened a laboratory in Berlin-Wedding to lay the practical foundations for the realization of its novel Dual Fluid reactor. This includes a setup for testing different fuel mixtures at very high temperatures.

The innovation of the Dual Fluid Reactor lies in the liquid fuel, which circulates in the reactor core at 1000°C and is cooled by liquid lead. This new principle, which represents a new dimension of performance and economy in nuclear technology, is protected by patents. In order to systematically test the properties of possible metallic fuel mixtures, Dual Fluid has developed a robot-controlled test setup. Various material mixtures are heated to 1000°C by induction and then poured out. In this way, melting temperatures and flow properties can be accurately determined. The system will first be operated and calibrated with non-nuclear substitutes before mixtures of uranium and chromium are investigated.

The laboratory also houses a polymer model of the first Dual Fluid Reactor, which can be used to simulate the filling of the core with fuel. In addition, a “double-loop” for lead based on the Dual Fluid principle will be installed, which can be used to verify thermohydraulic calculations for the reactor’s lead cycle.

CEO Götz Ruprecht: “With each practical experiment, we gain experience and knowledge that flows directly into the development and ideally complements the ongoing calculations of our academic partners. Our laboratory space in Wedding brings us much closer to the realization of our reactor”.


About Dual Fluid

Dual Fluid is creating an entirely new type of nuclear reactor that provides emission-free electricity and hydrogen, reduces today’s energy costs, and is inherently safe.

Dual Fluid differs from other new nuclear concepts by its high efficiency: the nuclear fuel is utilized up to a hundred times better than in today’s light water reactors. The operating temperature of 1000° C enables new heat applications.

The Dual Fluid operating principle, based on different fluids for fuel and cooling, is described in scientific publications and protected by patents. Dual Fluid Energy Inc. was incorporated as a public company in Vancouver, Canada, in January 2021 to bring the Dual Fluid technology to serial production status. The prototype of a Dual Fluid reactor is to be launched within this decade.

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