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Dual Fluid founds Canadian company

By 9. February 2021November 8th, 2021No Comments
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Dual Fluid Energy Inc. is now a Canadian company based in Vancouver. The management team has been reorganized for this purpose. The first round of financing for institutional investors will start soon.

The German nuclear technology startup Dual Fluid has decided to become a Canadian company. There are many arguments in favor of this move: the Canadian government promotes modular reactors (SMR) as a technology of the future, while the population predominantly sees nuclear power as an opportunity. The country is experienced in nuclear technology and, unlike Germany, can look back on uninterrupted expertise. Last but not least, there is an internationally recognized nuclear licensing authority. The leading Board of Directors consists of:

  • Armin Huke, Chairman: Designed the Dual Fluid Reactor with Götz Ruprecht and Ahmed Hussein to provide medical isotopes – and soon realized its true potential: to exploit the possibilities of nuclear fission through an inherently safe and radically efficiency-optimized design. Armin Huke leads and supports the management team as President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer).
  • Götz Ruprecht, Director: Brings relevant research experience from the nuclear TRIUMF National Lab (Canada). Götz Ruprecht serves on the management team as CEO.
  • em. Ahmed Hussein, Director and Senior Scientific Expert: Dedicated his professional life to nuclear and particle physics, including at TRIUMF National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) and as a founding professor of physics at the University of Northern British Columbia (Canada).
  • Titus Gebel, Director, lawyer, entrepreneur and investor: His experience in company formation and management adds a practical dimension to the scientific and technical expertise of his board colleagues.

Dual Fluid is currently preparing its first round of financing for institutional investors. The funds raised will be used, among other things, to commission an internationally renowned institute with safety calculations – a prerequisite for subsequent licensing.

Despite the Canadian legal form, Dual Fluid plans to use Germany as a base for the foreseeable future, says Chairman Armin Huke: “Depending on how conditions change here, we could at least partially advance development here. If not, our destination is set.”