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Dual Fluid cooperates with TU Munich and Paul Scherrer Institute

By 13. September 2022September 16th, 2022No Comments

The Canadian-German nuclear technology company Dual Fluid is now cooperating with the Technical University of Munich and the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute. The goal of the project is a safety report in preparation for licensing.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is now involved in the development and design optimization of Dual Fluid’s fundamentally new nuclear technology. The work is led by Prof. Rafael Macián-Juan and Chunyu Liu from the Chair of Nuclear Engineering. The Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute is supporting the TUM as a contractor. TUM and Paul Scherrer Institute are working hand in hand with the Technical University of Dresden, which has already been tasked since the beginning of the year with demonstrating the power unfolding in the reactor under various operating conditions.

The participating institutes are jointly developing and evaluating methods that can demonstrate the safety of the Dual Fluid concept. Project leader Chunyu Liu: “The safety characteristics of the Dual Fluid reactor have already shown promising results in earlier computational models. It is a very exciting task to participate in the deeper safety assessment of this truly innovative concept. The Dual Fluid technology could be superior to today’s light water reactors in many respects – for example, in terms of optimal fuel utilization or efficient hydrogen production.”

CEO Götz Ruprecht on the collaborations: “We are very pleased to be working with three of the most renowned nuclear institutes in the German-speaking world. Together, we will show that nuclear fission can work in a completely different way, being more economical and safer than ever.”

Press contact: Lisa Rass
(+49) 1577-1911784


About Dual Fluid

Dual Fluid is creating an entirely new type of nuclear reactor that

  • provides emission-free electricity and hydrogen,
  • significantly reduces today’s energy costs,
  • burns nuclear waste, and is inherently safe.

Dual Fluid differs from other new nuclear concepts by its high efficiency: the nuclear fuel is utilized up to a hundred times better than in today’s light water reactors. The operating temperature of 1000° C enables new heat applications.

The Dual Fluid operating principle, based on different fluids for fuel and cooling, is described in scientific publications. There is worldwide patent protection, including in the USA, Canada, the EU, and Japan.
Dual Fluid Energy Inc. was incorporated as a public company in Vancouver, Canada, in January 2021 to bring the Dual Fluid technology to serial production status. The prototype of a Dual Fluid reactor is to be launched within this decade.