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Dual Fluid Energy Inc. is now a Canadian company. Many practical reasons convinced us – including little bureaucracy, a highly educated population, and a government that intends to support small modular reactors (SMRs) in the future. By establishing the company, we are also starting a new chapter internally: In accordance with Canadian corporate law, we have reorganized our management team.

Canada is no longer just a perfect place for nature and wilderness lovers.  More and more founders are choosing the country as a base because they find favorable conditions there. So do we: The Canadian government appreciates and promotes nuclear power as a technology of the future. Most of the population sees nuclear power as an opportunity, and the country is very experienced in nuclear technology. Last but not least, there is also an internationally recognized nuclear licensing authority. In short, everything we need is there.

According to the Canadian regulations, our company is now headed by a Board of Directors:

Dr. Armin Huke, Director, Chairman of the Board, visionary: studied physics because he was fascinated by energy and power plants from an early age. Together with Götz Ruprecht and Ahmed Hussein, he designed the Dual Fluid Reactor to provide medical isotopes – but soon realized its true potential: to exploit the possibilities of nuclear fission through a radically efficiency-optimized design. Armin Huke leads and supports the management team as President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Dr. Götz Ruprecht, Director, pragmatist: Brings research experience from nuclear TRIUMF National Lab (Canada). Focuses on the next stage as well as the big picture, balances and integrates. Götz Ruprecht is also CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Prof. em. Ahmed Hussein, Director and senior scientific expert: Dedicated his professional life to nuclear and particle physics, including at TRIUMF National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) and as the founding Chair of the Physics Department at the University of Northern British Columbia. He is a Canadian citizen.

Dr. Titus Gebel, Director, lawyer, investor and action taker: His experience in company founding and management brings a wide and valuable range of experience in business start-up and management to the team.

The day-to-day business is run by the management team – in addition to Götz Ruprecht and Armin Huke these are: Dr. Björn Peters as CFO (Chief Finance Officer) and Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Gottlieb as COO (Chief Operations Officer). Please find the whole team here.

What comes next?

At the moment we are preparing the first round of financing. With the funds raised, we want to commission an internationally renowned institute to conduct a safety analysis and begin practical tests. And because the question is sure to come up: The Canadian legal form of our company does not preclude us from using Germany as a base for the next future. Maybe even for longer, if favorable conditions arise. If not, we have a plan B, and it’s called Canada.