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Dual Fluid appoints renowned advisory board

Dual Fluid, the German-Canadian nuclear startup, has brought a high-profile advisory board to its side. The board, consisting of internationally experienced experts from the fields of energy, corporate management and finance, will advise the company on its strategic development from…
26. October 2021
Press releases

Dual Fluid founds Canadian company

Dual Fluid Energy Inc. is now a Canadian company based in Vancouver. The management team has been reorganized for this purpose. The first round of financing for institutional investors will start soon. The German nuclear technology startup Dual Fluid has…
9. February 2021
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Dual Fluid Energy Inc. is now a Canadian company. With the incorporation, we have re-organized our management team and are thus starting a new chapter.
9. February 2021
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Where has the reactor gone?

The "reactor", until recently part of our company name, is gone. Today we are called Dual Fluid only. There is a reason for this: If you want to reinvent nuclear power, you have to speak a new language and show…
26. November 2020
Vitaminspritze für KernkraftIn the media

USA: Boosting new nuclear

Nuclear energy reduces emissions, creates jobs and strengthens the economy - says the US Department of Energy. That is why it is giving its nuclear industry a billion-dollar revitalizing vitamin injection.
17. November 2020
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Fast decarbonisation is possible

By the middle of the century, we could reduce our emissions to almost zero: New nuclear power can completely decarbonize our economy - because it provides not only electricity but also fuels and heat, according to Dr. Götz Ruprecht in…
9. November 2020